The Importance Of The 3R Concept For Reducing Environmental Pollution

The Importance Of The 3R Concept For Reducing Environmental Pollution

At present, environmental pollution is one of the many topics that are discussed in society. In fact, it has caused many hotly debated topics, due to the rising concerns of the destruction of natural resources. Compared to few decades ago, the rate of pollution is rising and is raising concerns in many areas. Therefore, it’s important and also the responsibility of the society to take note of the danger. It’s damaging the eco system, increasing rates of various diseases and many more. As a fact, there are many programs that are conducted in schools, corporates, localities, etc. to raise awareness about this serious issue. With that said, the topic of the article mentions about a 3R concept. The 3R’s that is mentioned here are namely;

– Reduce

– Reuse

– Recycle

From the minute you step out of your doorstep, you’d find many places in the neighborhoods polluted with non-degradable garbage. Hence, the environment is not suitable and healthy to live in anymore. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of the 3R’s to start somewhere in the process of making a cleaner, greener and fresh surroundings. With that said, here’s some insight into this concept that has been devised to mitigate this problem:

• Reducing the use of environmentally harmful things

‘Reduce’ in the use of various environmentally harmful products is a major area that is highlighted in recycling and waste management. As a fact, the chances of pollution could be reduced to a greater extent. Moreover, it’s always better to use items that are environmentally friendly. For instance reduce the use of polythene bags and using cloth bags.

• Reuse as much as you can

On the other hand, even if you use items made of plastics and others, reuse it as much as you can, before disposing it. Reusing could help in achieving the above, in the sense that, individuals would not be using polythene items unnecessarily.

• Consider recycling

Lastly, ‘recycling’ is an area that many companies are considering, in order to reduce the pollution of factories, commercial businesses, etc. You could always start from your home and get a recycling bin to separate degradable and non-degradable. Recycling and waste management focuses on it, to manufacture other products that don’t require destroying natural resources in the production process.

So, the next time you use plastics or other non-degradable and environmentally harmful things, rethink about the importance of the 3R’s. If you have children, think if you’d want them to live in a world filled with pollutants everywhere and a surrounding unable to live in. With that said, you should take note of the importance of the three simple words ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

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