The Importance Of Early Education For Healthy Development

The Importance Of Early Education For Healthy Development

There are many parents who do not think it necessary to place their children in nurseries or kindergarten, but research has found that early education is vital to healthy development. If you are weighing your options of putting your child into preschool, then there is some important information that you should know. Here are a few points to ponder.


You could not have missed the signs of budding curiosity in your child. At this age children are constantly asking questions about everything. “Why”, “why not”, “how”, and “what for”, are at the start of every other thing that comes out of a child’s mouth. Though this may seem annoying at first, you must understand that this means your child is just voraciously learning about their surroundings, people, and themselves. Though you might find it exasperating to try to answer some of these questions, you need to foster that curiosity and give them real answers on which they can build their knowledge. This is what primary schools do on your behalf. They help to facilitate early learning, and they provide a setting in which those often repetitive questions can be answered.


Since this is a critical period of development for your child, the best way to foster this development is to provide virtually unlimited stimulation in cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual spheres. Some of the best Dubai private schools are especially geared towards this kind of stimulation, so as you look for places to enroll your child, look for well-rounded programs. You can be certain that your child will make rapid leaps and bounds if they receive adequate mental, physical, and social stimulation. Early education settings are designed to provide this stimulation through the use of play, toys, activities, and instruction.

Learning Style

Another thing that you need to get a read on early is a child’s learning style. The sooner you can ascertain this, the easier it will be to tailor your child’s education to suit their needs and abilities. Moreover, by putting your child into an educational setting early on, you will also be able to judge whether or not there are any difficulties that may later hinder their learning or development. The sooner these too are identified, if there are any, the sooner you can work towards eliminating or countering them before they have a chance to set in or worsen. Many learning disabilities can be identified early on, and most early educators are trained to spot these.

More and more parents nowadays are opting to put their children into these settings as the results have come to speak for themselves. Children who start their education early do much better academically and socially later in life.

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