The Difference Between Hard And Soft Cigarettes

The Difference Between Hard And Soft Cigarettes

When you think about the difference between the hard and the soft packs of cigarettes that you get, there really aren’t all that many. It is mainly a matter of personal choice and the availability of supply. Of course, people who are experienced in smoking different types of cigarettes have a type that they usually stick to and won’t change from this if they can help it. You can see this in a cigarette store, when a smoker will actually pause to think before picking a hard pack over a soft one, when the store is out of the soft type. This can be a problem if you are in an area where the supply is spotty.

For Easy Access, Soft Packaging Is Better

People who smoke soft pack cigarettes typically keep them in their shirt pockets. This type of pack is designed for easy access, because the pack can be opened and a cigarette obtained with a simply flick of the wrist. Another perk of using a softer pack for this type of situation is that every time a cigarette is taken out of the pack, the size of the pack decreases because it changes shape and volume. This doesn’t happen with a hard pack because of the way it is designed – it retains its shape under pressure. If you are the type of person to keep your cigarettes in plain accessibility, close at hand, the soft box works wonders.

Hard Packs Are More Durable

Unlike soft pack cigarettes, the harder packs are stored in bags, pockets and wallets, or even on chairs and car seats. They are less likely to get squashed and change their shape if someone sits on them or they come under stress. In a softer pack, the problem is that you would get bits of tobacco falling out of the pack and getting all over the place due to how easy it is to open. This can be changed by storing the cigarettes in a harder package. Unless you like seeing your smokes damaged, broken and even wet, that is.

If you have a thing for the soft packages, you will probably say that the cigarettes from these taste a lot better than those from the hard packs. It is the same story that people who have an affinity for certain brands give out. However, there is no proof to support this story. You can’t say for sure because the way in which both the cigarette types are manufactured is exactly the same. It all comes down to personal preference, and possibly the increased ventilation that the softer packs provide.

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