Ideas For Stage Decoration In A Ceremony

Ideas For Stage Decoration In A Ceremony

If you have ever had the task of decorating a stage for a ceremony then you know hard that is. Not only does the deco have to match the event itself, but it is also what brings the theme of the event to life. For instance, if the theme of your next Halloween party is ‘Future You’ there is no point in decorating the stage with props that belong in yesteryear, like candelabras or lace curtains. So here are some ideas of materials and themes you can use the next time you need to decorate a stage.

Try the Traditional Route

The most common way to decorate a stage is to use flowers. You can design the deco scheme before hand and have a flower delivery either the day before on the day of the event and set up.

If you are making the arrangements yourself, it’s better to have the Dubai flower delivery one day prior, just to give yourself enough time to make them. Also see if you can order dry or wet foam along with the delivery so that the flowers will stay fresh till the next day. All you have to do is spritz water on to the foam to keep the flowers hydrated and fresh. You can also opt to have the arrangements pre-made, so all you have to do is set them up the next day. Flowers look wonderful on the speaker’s podium too so it’s always a good choice if you don’t want anything too risky.

Be Funky and Innovative

‘Funky’ and ‘innovative’ will mean different things to different people, but one of the ways to really stand out and display your creative process is to use discarded materials to create the stage deco. Use tin cans, beer cans, bottle tops, garbage bags and other recyclable rubbish to come up with a space-age theme that will wow your audience. If you feel the deco has become too techno for the audience, soften it up by interweaving fairy lights of an appropriate colour/s through the deco. Not only will this illuminate the decorations better, it will also give it a softer glow and help round out the sharpness of the arrangements. Fairy lights look especially wonderful against tin foil.

Recycle but Update Previous Deco

If the stage has been decorated recently for another event, don’t be shy about asking the relevant people if you can borrow their ones. If they don’t plan on using them again, try to change or ‘update’ the designs so they don’t look too much like you borrowed it from someone else. For instance, if they have large lettering for the backdrop that they glitter painted, you can change it slightly by gluing on shards of mirrors that will catch and reflect the light. It will completely change the ‘look’ of the deco. Or if the forestage was decorated with plastic vines and mock fruits and veggies, you can dump the latter and use fresh flowers in between the vines.

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